How Many Puppies Can a Pomeranian Have?


by James Bennett


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Pomeranians usually have between one and four puppies at a time, although there have been reports of up to seven. It all depends on the dog – some may have fewer babies while others may have more.

The litter size of the Pomeranians varies with their size. When compared with a regular Pomeranian, a throwback Pomeranian has a larger litter size, while a Teacup Pomeranian has a smaller littler size.

Your Pomeranian can have puppies when she’s around six months old, but it might be better to wait until she’s a bit older. My vet told me that one year is usually best because the Pomeranian’s body is stronger and able to deal with pregnancy and delivery better by then.

You can read our Pomeranian Pregnancy article to learn about signs of pregnancy, reproductive cycle, delivery time, and care.

Pomeranian Pregnancy Scan
A Pomeranian Pregnancy Scan

Gestation Periods of Pomeranians 

A Pomeranian’s gestation period is when a female Pomeranian dog carries her puppies inside her womb before they are born. During this time, the Pomeranian mom-to-be needs to be extra careful and take good care of herself so that her babies can develop properly and be healthy when they finally enter the world.

The average Pomeranian Gestation Period lasts around 63 days, but some give birth a bit earlier or later. Pomeranian Gestation Periods can range anywhere from 57-65 days.

If your Pomeranian takes more than 65 days to have puppies, it’s a reason to visit the vet ASAP. It is because anything over the 65-day mark isn’t ideal and could be indicative of some health complications.

Breeding Frequency

How often can you breed a Pomeranian? There is no “ideal” frequency for breeding Pomeranians, and how often you breed them will largely depend on their age, health, and overall condition.

However, most experts recommend breeding Pomeranians every other heat cycle or around once every 12 months. It ensures the dogs stay in good health and can recover between litter.

Breeding Mixed Pomeranians

When you mix two different types of dogs, it’s called mixed breeding. People do this to create new and unique pets. The most popular mixed breeds are pomeranian chihuahua, pomeranian husky, and pomeranian poodle.

When it comes to mixed breeding Pomeranians, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Every pup is different and will require a unique mix of both parents’ genetics to create the perfect blend.

Breeding Older Pomeranians

A female Pomeranian can continue to give birth to puppies throughout its lifetime. However, older Poms over the age of 10 may not be able to get pregnant safely anymore, and pregnancy could pose serious health risks for both the mother and her puppies. If your Pom is approaching this age, it’s best to consult your veterinarian about whether or not breeding is still a good option.

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