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Throwback Pomeranians are purebred Pom genetically more similar to their ancestors in most aspects. A Throwback Pomeranian has their ancestors’ size, appearance, and behaviors.

While some people think that a Throwback Pomeranian is a mixed breed, this is not the case. A Throwback Pomeranian is a purebred Pomeranian that has retained more of the physical characteristics of its Spitz ancestors than the average Pomeranian.

To qualify as a Throwback Pomeranian, its family tree cannot contain any traces of other dog breeds. It is possible to be a Throwback Pomeranian only if it is a pure breed. 

The key to owning a Throwback Pomeranian is to find a reputable breeder who can verify that the dog is purebred. The only true Throwback Pomeranian is a purebred Pomeranian. Mix-breed dogs may look like Throwbacks, but they are not. The price of a Throwback Pomeranian in the USA is around a thousand dollars due to its rarity.

Specifications and Parts of a Throwback Pomeranian

Parts of a Throwback Pomeranian
Parts of a Throwback Pomeranian

When it comes to the Throwback Pomeranian, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for the ideal weight. Some Throwback Pomeranians may be on the smaller side, while others may be on the larger side. However, the minimum weight for the Throwback Pomeranian is 14 pounds (6.35 kg). It explains that the Throwback Pomeranian can be as heavy as it wants to be, as long as it meets the minimum weight requirement.

A Throwback Pomeranian is a purebred dog with no trace of another dog breed in its family tree. When a regular Pomeranian is bred with another breed of Spitz, such as the Japanese, Finnish, or G Spitz, the resulting progeny may appear to be a huge Pomeranian but are, in fact, of a mixed breed. It is possible if a Pom and a Japanese Spitz are bred together.

The Difference Between a Throwback Pomeranian and a Regular Pomeranian

Throwback Pomeranian vs Regular Pomeranian

Throwback Pomeranian displays certain behaviors that are different from regular Pomeranians. One behavior that you may notice is a desire to spend lots of time outside. While regular Pomeranians enjoy spending time indoors (check out our article about personality traits and the behaviors of regular Pomeranians for more information), throwback Pomeranians may want to spend more time outside.

Throwback Pomeranians are much more independent than their regular Pomeranians. They are more adjusting and adaptable, and they love to travel. They make great companions for both people and other dogs.

The behavior of Throwback Pomeranians

  • Throwback Pomeranians want to spend more time outside than other Pomeranians.
  • Throwback Pomeranians are also known for being very vocal. Their ancestors were excellent watchdogs, so their loud barking served as an early warning system.
  • Another Throwback Pom behavior is their love of digging. Again, this is likely due to their heritage as working dogs.
A Throwback Pomeranian is Playing With a Ball
A Throwback Pomeranian is Playing With a Ball

How to Care For a Throwback Pomeranian

#1 Find a Breeder With a Good Reputation

When you want to buy a Throwback Pomeranian, it is crucial to find a good breeder. It will help make sure you get a healthy puppy. A good breeder can also answer any questions you have about the breed. 

You can ask your local veterinarian for recommendations or look online for websites that specialize in finding Pomeranian breeders. 

Once you’ve found some potential breeders, visit their facilities and meet the puppies yourself. Seeing them in person will let you know if they seem healthy and well-socialized before deciding which one to purchase.

#2 Choose the Right Food

It is crucial to choose the right food for your Throwback Pomeranian. You will want to find food that is high in quality and that has all of the nutrients that your dog needs. You can talk to your veterinarian about what food would be best for your dog.

Royal Canin Pomeranian pouches and kibbles are my favorite choice of food for Pomeranians. You can select a few food brands based on their health and your budget. (If you want to read, I wrote a review about Royal Canin.)

#3 Get Plenty Of Exercises

Throwback Pomeranians need plenty of exercises. This breed is very active and needs to be able to burn off energy. An excellent way to provide exercise for your dog is to take them on walks or runs. You can also take them to the dog park to play.

#4 Socialize Your Throwback Pomeranian

It is essential to socialize your Throwback Pomeranian. It means exposing them to different people, places, and situations. It will help to make sure that they are well-rounded dogs. You can socialize your dog by taking them to the dog park or on walks.

#5 Train your dog.

Throwback Pomeranians are intelligent dogs, and they can be easy to train. You will want to start preparing your dog as soon as possible. You can instruct your dog yourself or take them to a professional trainer.

#6 Groom Your Throwback Pomeranian.

Throwback Pomeranians need to be groomed regularly. This breed has a thick coat of fur that needs to be brushed. You will also need to trim their nails and bathe them.

#7 Take Care of Your Throwback Pomeranian’s Health.

It is essential to take care of your Throwback Pomeranian’s health. You will need to take them to the veterinarian for checkups and vaccinations. You will also want to ensure that you feed them a healthy diet.

#8 Make Them Happy

Having fun with your Throwback Pomeranian is the most important thing. To make them happy, I always do my best. They will be a great addition to your family.


In conclusion, the Throwback Pomeranian is a purebred dog with many of the same characteristics as its ancestors. They are known for being independent, vocal, and loving to spend time outside. They make great companions for both people and other dogs. If you are thinking about getting a Throwback Pomeranian, be sure to find a reputable breeder.

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