Angry and Rude Pomeranians: Are They Really Bad Dogs?


by James Bennett


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Pomeranians are not bad dogs, and they are pretty intelligent and capable of being obedient and well-behaved dogs. In most cases, it’s because of their owner, the Pomeranians turn out to be bad dogs. 

If your Pomeranian has turned aggressive, you may be wondering why. Especially untrained and unsocialized Pomeranians may have learned that aggression is necessary to survive. 

There are several reasons why a Pomeranians puppy may grow up to be a bad dog. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why a Pomeranians puppy may grow up to be a rude and misbehaved dog. 

If your Pomeranian has ever annoyed you, it can be also because of their natural habits. In nature, Pomeranians are a pride and a selfish dog breed. In an angry mood, these natural habits can be a big issue. Teaching your Pomeranian basic obedience from puppyhood is the only option. 

If we break down why is your pomeranian so aggressive, it can be because of injuries, carelessly promoting bad habits, lack of training, or you being overprotective.

Barking and More Barking

Pomeranians tend to be defensive all the time. Even if they’re small dogs, do not realize that they’re small in size. They’re seeking your protection all the time. And they feel that they need to alert you about any potential danger in the area.

To make a pomeranian stop from barking, your need to make them trust and feel secure. Some Pomeranians will stop barking when you let them know you are aware of the issues; others will remind you that it is still there. 

A Pomeranian may chase other animals or even humans. The Pomeranian is extremely overprotective of his things. As a result, they may snarl or growl toward others. 

Pomeranians Attacks

It’s not always easy to tell whether your dog is joking or showing anything other than anger. However, Pomeranians are aggressive in many ways:

You never know when an aggressive dog may attack or stroke. Aggression may make you afraid of your own dog, and you don’t want to be near him in case he attacks. 

A Pom with aggression problems may be energetic and fun one minute, then snap and snarl the next. These mood changes may be caused by an unknown trigger; in other instances, you may be the trigger without knowing it.

A Pomeranian may bite hard enough to hurt or draw blood. Pomeranian growls, barks, or shows his teeth in reaction to you or other animals. 

This is how he establishes his power, but the problem is they do not realize that they’re small in size. So, they try to mess up with everybody. Since they can do only little harm than any other dogs, most people are not terrified. 

Dominance Issues and Former Owners

Pom aggression may be triggered by dominance issues or former owners. Former owners’ harsh behavior or even another dog’s attack may be the cause. If you adopted your Pomeranian from a shelter, he or she may have gone through terrible things.

Obedience training may help you to control your pomeranian. The way to achieve anti-aggression is by removing its cause. To solve the issues, one must first identify its origin. 

Assume you can’t identify the cause of the aggression or how to cope with Pom’s rage. In such cases, a professional’s help may be necessary.


Anxiety makes many Poms violent. Because they tend to be protective when they are frightened of anything. In such situations, Poms will seek to defend themselves.

But punishing those who fear aggression may make the situation worse. First, the dog owner should identify the fear triggers and attempt to prevent them. 

Always try to make your pom obey your commands and socialize as much as you can to help him to control the aggressive behavior.

Sexual Issues

Although less common now, since many Poms have been spayed. Otherwise, sexual issues cause bad behaviors. These bad behaviors in Pomeranians are less common in female Poms than male Poms. 

There is no other way to stop the sexual issues other than spaying. Otherwise, you have to deal with those behaviors annually. But, my advice is not to spay the dog, because what they do is natural.

Lack of Early Socialization

Pomeranian Lack of Early Socialization

Pom aggression can be caused by the lack of early socialization with other dogs. Your Pom will be frightened and strike for self-defense if other dogs upset or thrill him. 

Some Pomeranians may believe they are the only dog on the planet. And they will attack and bite the other dog without growling or any other warning.

To fix this, let your Pom approach other dogs while they’re on a leash. Blame your Pom for aggression by moving him away at the first sign. Encourage him to ignore or be friends with the other dogs by rewarding him. Repeat until he stops being aggressive.

Achieve More in Training

As you progress in training, increase the time between giving a treat, until they are completely gone. Then go on to five seconds and so on until your Pomeranian’s natural reaction is the gesture and words.

You don’t want your Pomeranian to respond simply because you’re close. In addition, if your Pomeranian’s rude behavior is triggered by being apart from you, this training should be applicable across longer distances.

You may progressively add distractions to your Pomeranian’s training once they’ve mastered it in a small area. Do not give up if your Pomeranian does not immediately adapt to busy areas. To re-establish their practice, go to a quieter place. 

In the presence of things that cause rude or bad behaviors, your Pomeranian should learn to remain calm. You can manage some of their behaviors by teaching them to focus on you instead of their surroundings.

Exercise Your Pomeranian to Prevent Hyperactivity

Poms need 30 minutes of exercise a day! They need considerably good physical activity to burn off their stored energy. But, if your Pom is fat and had being through long inactive times, a lot of exercises will exhaust your Pomeranian. 


Knowing your Pomeranian’s triggers and thresholds may help you prevent bad behaviors. To prevent your Pomeranian from becoming hyperactive, learn about his triggers and thresholds.

Using preventative steps and easy instructions, you may educate your Pomeranian to remain calm during the times which they usually get angry.

Pomeranians are not doing well with children even they’re well trained. So, do not let them play alone with children. Even they’re small in size, they do pretty much big injuries in children, On the other hand, for the same reason, they can also get disabled because of children.

Never face aggressive Pomeranians. It may provoke an attack. It’s generally better not to wrestle or play tug-of-war with your dog. Play games that don’t need you to compete. Anger in your Pom must be understood, just as anger in children. 

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