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How Many Hours a Day Does a Pomeranian Sleep?


by James Bennett


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How much sleep does a Pomeranian need? Each Pomeranian is different, and each has its unique sleeping habits. However, on average, most Pomeranians sleep between 12 and 14 hours daily.

Pomeranians are one breed that tends to sleep more than others, though – they’re known for being little couch potatoes! So if your Pom is spending a lot of time sleeping, don’t worry – it’s just part of their nature.

Factors Affecting your Pomeranian’s Sleep

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#1 The Age of Your Pomeranian

As puppies, Pomeranians will sleep the majority of the day and night. It is expected as they need plenty of rest to support their growth spurts. Once your Pom reaches adulthood, he’ll still require a good deal of sleep each day, around 14 hours on average.

Poms usually take most of their naps during the daylight hours, although some may be nocturnal sleepers who are more active at night. Senior Pomeranians spend even more time resting and sleeping than when they were younger.

#2 Their Activity Level

An energetic Pomeranian who spends much of his time running, playing fetch or taking long walks will require less shut-eye than one who lounges around all day with little exercise. Physically active Pomeranians sleep deeper and longer than sedentary ones since they are physically exhausted from the activities. 

If you find that your puppy is sleeping more often than usual or for extended periods, it could indicate that he isn’t getting enough activity throughout the day.” A tired Pomeranian is a good Pomeranian, so make sure your Pom receives plenty of opportunities to burn off energy daily!

#3 The Health of Your Pomeranian

Pomeranians with health problems such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, heart disease or diabetes may sleep more due to pain or discomfort. If your Pom is taking medication for a chronic condition, he may also be exhausted from the side effects.

A sudden increase in sleeping time could also signal an underlying health issue, so it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

Remember: It’s not unusual for senior Pomeranians to sleep 12-18 hours per day.

#4 The Temperature in Your Home

Just like humans, Pomeranians are comfortable sleeping in relaxed environments where there aren’t any drafts present. If your home tends to run on the warm side, you might notice that your pup prefers spending her nap time outdoors or in another cooler room inside the house, such as near an air conditioner vent.

How to Improve Your Pomeranian’s Sleep

A few simple changes can help your Pomeranian get the best possible sleep.

Try to keep noise to a minimum in your home during the night so that your Pomeranian can relax and drift off into a deep slumber. If you have young children or pets that are noisy at night, consider putting them in another room or using baby gates to block them off from areas where your Pomeranian sleeps.

Creating a comfortable environment for your Pomeranian to sleep in is also essential. Ensure their bed is soft and cosy and the room temperature is neither too hot nor too cold.

Finally, exercise is crucial for helping Pomeranians (and people!) get deep, restful sleep. A good walk or play session before bedtime will help tucker them out, making them more likely to drift off into dreamland quickly and peacefully.


Overall, it’s essential to ensure your Pomeranian is getting enough sleep. It means creating a quiet and comfortable environment for them to sleep in and ensuring they get plenty of exercise during the day. A few simple changes can make all the difference in helping your Pomeranian friend get a good night’s rest!

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