6 Best Haircuts for Pomeranians


by James Bennett


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The Pomeranian double coat helps protect against both hot and cold weather. In the summer, shedding the undercoat allows for regulating body temperature, while in winter, this coat provides additional warmth. This breed’s unique coat also distinguishes it from other dogs – though shedding can be a bit of a nuisance!

How to Select The Best Haircut For Your Pomeranian

The best thing is that there are lots of different options when it comes to Pomeranian haircuts. You can choose from many styles, including those that show off their cute little faces and more.

But with so many choices available, how do you know which haircut is right for your Pomeranian? Before getting into what haircuts are the best, you should consider whether it’s compatible with them. Here are some things to consider when choosing a haircut for your Pomeranian:

1. Think about what kind of look you’re going for.

Do you want your Pomeranian to have a stylish haircut that will turn heads, or do you prefer a more conservative cut that is easy to maintain? Consider your style when making this decision.

2. Consider your Pom’s personality.

Is your dog outgoing and playful or shy and reserved? Their personality should be considered when choosing a haircut, as certain styles may accentuate their best qualities (or not).

3. Take into account the weather and temperature.

If it is typically hot where you live, consider opting for a shorter cut which will help keep your Pom cool. On the other hand, if it gets cold where you live, choose a longer cut to help protect the coat.

4. Choose a style that is easy to maintain.

Although all haircuts require some upkeep, some are easier than others to keep looking good! If you are not up for spending hours grooming your dog weekly, you should look into a shorter haircut like Teddy Bear Cut.

#1 Teddy Bear Pomeranian Cut

Teddy Bear Pomeranian Cut

The Teddy Bear Cut is a hairstyle that gives the Pomeranian breed of dog the appearance of a small teddy bear. If you’re looking for a super cute and cuddly haircut for your Pomeranian, you may like the Teddy Bear Cut!

This popular style involves trimming the dog’s coat short to create an adorable teddy bear-like appearance. The best part about this cut is that it’s low-maintenance and easy to care for – perfect if you don’t have time to spend hours and hours grooming your pup every day! But you’ll need regular trimming sessions to maintain the Teddy Bear look.

While this may be an adorable look for some people’s taste, others believe it is an unhealthy way to groom Pomeranians. The main concern seems to be that the hair does not grow back correctly after being trimmed in such a way and can cause health problems down the line for your pup.

According to many Pom owners who have given their dogs this haircut, over half of them have said they’ve experienced issues with regrowth afterward. If you are considering giving your Pomeranian this type of trim, maybe do some more research first or talk to other dog parents who have gone through it before making any decisions.

#2 Pomeranian Lion Cut

Pomeranian Lion Cut

The Pomeranian Lion Cut is a hairstyle that gives the dog the appearance of a toy lion. The hair is cut short on the body and longer on the head and tail. This style is often seen in show dogs.

There are many variations of the Pomeranian Lion Cut, but all involve keeping the dog’s coat short on most of its body while leaving some areas long. The amount of hair left long will vary depending on how extreme you want the look to be.

Some people prefer to leave just a little length around the neck for a softer look, while others go all out with exaggerated tails that curl over their backsides!

#3 Pomeranian Puppy Cut

Pomeranian Puppy Cut

The Pomeranian Puppy Cut is a hairstyle that gives the dog the appearance of a puppy. It is achieved by shaving the back and sides of the dog short. The hair on the face and legs is left a little long.

This cut is popular among show dog owners because it makes the dog look like a puppy.

#4 Pomeranian Fox Cut

Pomeranian Fox Cut

The Pomeranian Fox Cut is a hairstyle that gives the dog the appearance of a fox. The face is shaved short, except for the ruff around the neck, which is left long. Similarly, the hair on the body is trimmed short, except for a tuft at the tail’s base.

Further, the fox cut is considered a healthy haircut for Pommernians as it doesn’t remove the undercoat.

The Pomeranian Fox Cut requires regular upkeep, as it grows out quickly. You must visit your groomer every 4-6 weeks to maintain this look.

#5 Pomeranian Lamb Cut

Pomeranian Lamb Cut

The Pomeranian Lamb Cut is a hairstyle that gives the dog the appearance of a lamb. It is achieved by shaving the back and sides of the dog while leaving the hair on top longer.

The Pomeranian Lamb Cut is similar to Teddy Pomeranian Haircut, but it doesn’t trim the undercoat. It leaves a cute little pouf of hair on their behind that resembles a lamb’s tail.

#6 Pomeranian Kennel Cut

Pomeranian Kennel Cut

A pomeranian kennel cut is a haircut that leaves the dog’s ears long and fur short. This style is similar to “puppy cut” because it resembles how a puppy’s face looks.

Kennel cuts are typically 1/2 inch or shorter in length, making them easy to care for and maintain. The Pomeranian Kennel Cut is a practical choice for those who want their Pom to be easy to care for.


There are a lot of different haircuts that you can choose from for your Pomeranian. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider what look you want, how easy the style is to maintain, and whether or not it will be comfortable for your Pom in different weather conditions.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect haircut, enjoy showing off your stylish pup!

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