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How to Potty Train a Pomeranian?


by James Bennett


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Potty training is teaching your little Pomeranian where it’s appropriate to relieve themselves. Like humans, they need to understand where to go when nature calls. In other words, potty training is your way of communicating to your Pomeranian where the bathroom is. It’s associating a particular spot or area with their restroom.

This association ensures your home remains clean and your beloved Pomeranian stays healthy and hygienic. Moreover, your relationship with your fur baby strengthens as they understand what you expect of them.

When is the best time to potty train? As soon as possible! Puppies are like sponges; they can absorb information as early as a few weeks. However, a healthy start is around 8-12 weeks old.

Caution:┬áMake sure your Pomeranian is healthy before you start. A sick puppy may have trouble controlling their bladder. If you have an older Pomeranian, don’t fret. Though it might take a little more patience, they can still learn. Remember, you’re their guiding star. Stay patient and persistent.

STEP 1: Preparing for Potty Training

Start by selecting a designated potty area. Choose a spot that’s easy for your Pom to access, preferably outside. Equip yourself with some essential tools: a leash, a crate, and an abundance of puppy pads. Also, get your hands on some tempting treats to reward good behavior.

Now, set up a routine. Pomeranians thrive on consistency. Plan the feeding times, and take your Pom to the potty area soon after each meal. Set a regular sleep schedule too. It’s all about creating a rhythm that your Pom can adapt to!

STEP 2: Introducing Your Pomeranian to the Potty Area

Lead your Pomeranian to the designated potty area with a happy voice. Let them sniff around. The smells and textures are cues that this is their bathroom. The leash is your best friend. Keep your Pom on a leash to prevent them from wandering off. Be patient and stay in the potty area until they do their business. The first few times might be slow, but this is all part of setting the stage for potty success.

STEP 3: Establishing a Potty Schedule

A schedule is key! Take your Pomeranian to the potty area at consistent times throughout the day. Early morning, after meals, and before bedtime are golden opportunities. Use a cheerful voice to say a consistent phrase like “Potty time!” as you lead them to the spot. This builds an association in their fluffy little brain. They will begin to understand what you expect from them, and the potty area will become a familiar, comforting space.

STEP 4: Monitoring Your Pomeranian for Signs They Need to Go

Keep a watchful eye on your Pomeranian. Look for signs like sniffing around, circling, or restlessness. These are your Pom’s way of saying, “I gotta go!” Don’t dilly-dally! When you see the signs, quickly and cheerfully take your Pom to the potty area. Timing is everything. The more you catch these moments and respond quickly, the faster your Pom will learn.

STEP 5: Encouraging and Rewarding Successful Potty Behavior

When your Pomeranian successfully does their business in the designated area, show them with praise and treat them. Positive reinforcement is really important during the training. The treats and happy voices tell them they’ve done something amazing. They’ll want to repeat this behavior to get those sweet rewards again.

STEP 6: Handling Accidents Positively and Effectively

Uh-oh, accidents happen! Don’t fret, and don’t get angry. If you catch your Pomeranian in the act, calmly say “No” and take them to the potty area. Clean the mess thoroughly to remove the scent so they’re not tempted to go there again. Stay patient, and remember each day is new for learning and growth.

STEP 7: Gradually Giving Your Pomeranian More Freedom

Your Pom is becoming a potty champ! Start giving them more freedom around the house, but do this gradually. Maybe let them explore a new room or two under supervision and ensure they always have access to the designated potty area. Keep a close eye on them during this transition phase, and if you notice any signs that they need to go, guide them back to the potty area promptly.

As your Pomeranian consistently successfully uses the designated area, you can slowly expand its boundaries. Remember to reinforce positive behavior with praise and treats, making them proud of their accomplishments.

STEP 8: Maintenance and Consistency

Now that your Pomeranian is on the right track, it’s important to maintain the routine and consistency. Continue with the established potty schedule and reinforce the training cues. Keep rewarding them for using the designated area, as this will reinforce the desired behavior.

Consistency is the key to long-term success. If accidents happen, remain calm and follow the same positive approach you’ve been using. Stick to the routine, be patient, and provide guidance as needed.

Remember, potty training is a journey that requires time, effort, and understanding. Your Pomeranian is doing its best to learn, so be their supportive and encouraging partner. Soon enough, your furry friend will have mastered the art of potty training, and you can enjoy a clean and happy home together!

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