Pomeranian Colors – Various Combinations, Markings, and Types


by James Bennett



There are a handful of color variations in Pomeranians. And the most common and popular skin color is white. But there are some rare color variations with higher market demand. For example, even black Pomeranians are rare, they are the second most popular color variation among people.

How many Pomeranian colors are there?

AKC (American Kennel Club) has classified 22 types of Pomeranians by considering the colors and markings. You may wonder, how the hell there can be 22 colors. This is because they have divided each color by considering their markings. Here is the list of 22 types of Pomeranians and their colors.

AKC Pom TypesCoat Color
Black & TanBlack
Blue & TanBlue
Blue MerleBlue
Blue SableBlue
Chocolate & TanChocolate
Cream SableCream
Orange SableOrange
Red SableRed
Wolf SableWolf Sable
Beaver SableBeaver
Black & BrindleBlack & Brindle
Blue BrindleBlue
Chocolate MerleChocolate
Chocolate SableChocolate
AKC Classification and Real Colors

Therefore we can say that,

Pomeranian coats come in with only 13 different colors and 3 different markings. There are also coats with mixed colors and shades of the same color.

List of 13 different colors of Pomeranian coat

  1. Beaver
  2. Black
  3. Blue
  4. Brindle
  5. Chocolate
  6. Cream
  7. Merle
  8. Orange
  9. Red
  10. Tri-Colored
  11. White
  12. Wolf Sable
  13. Black & Brindle

List of 3 different types of Pomeranian markings

  1. Tan
  2. Merle
  3. Sable

I was more curious about this, and searching all over the internet, I could only find found some predicted information. So I did a little research to rank the popularity of Pomeranian colors. However, since the 4 of the Pomeranian colors are not well known, I had to minimize the list to 9 colors.

1White Pomeranian932
2Black Pomeranian636
3Blue Pomeranian91
4Chocolate Pomeranian43
5Red Pomeranian43
6Cream Pomeranian36
7Orange Pomeranian34
8Brindle Pomeranian15
9Beaver Pomeranian13
Pomeranian Colors Research Data

Since Pomeranians with merle markings are popular, I’ve continued my research with color variations of merle Pomeranians. Here are the results,

1Blue Merle Pomeranian193
2Chocolate Merle Pomeranian15
3Red Merle Pomeranian8
4Lavender Merle Pomeranian4
5Silver Merle Pomeranian4
6Brown Merle Pomeranian2
7Sable Merle Pomeranian2
8Cream Merle Pomeranian1
9Grey Merle Pomeranian1
Merle Pomeranian Colors Research Data

Types of Color and Marking Combinations

When it comes to combinations, there are 22 different types of Pomeranian coats.

  1. Beaver Pomeranians
  2. Black Pomeranians
  3. Black & Tan Pomeranians
  4. Blue Pomeranians
  5. Blue & Tan Pomeranians
  6. Blue Merle Pomeranians
  7. Blue Sable Pomeranians
  8. Chocolate Pomeranians
  9. Chocolate & Tan Pomeranians
  10. Cream Pomeranians
  11. Cream Sable Pomeranians
  12. Orange Pomeranians
  13. Orange Sable Pomeranians
  14. Red Pomeranians
  15. Red Sable Pomeranians
  16. Tri-Colored Pomeranians
  17. White Pomeranians
  18. Wolf Sable Pomeranians
  19. Beaver Sable Pomeranians
  20. Black & Brindle Pomeranians
  21. Blue Brindle Pomeranians
  22. Chocolate Merle Pomeranians
  23. Chocolate Sable Pomeranians

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