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When Do Pomeranian Puppies Lose Their Teeth?


by James Bennett


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Pomeranian puppies have 28 milk teeth and fall out in order to create permanent adult teeth. And, a fully grown adult Pomeranians have 42 teeth. 

Between the ages of 3 to 7 months, Pomeranian puppies start losing their milk teeth. At around three months, the majority of their milk teeth are replaced by a permanent set of teeth. At the time of their one-year anniversary, Pomeranians will have 42 permanent teeth.

Pomeranian puppy teeth

The type of the breed determines when the milk teeth fall away. Because of rapid growth and their smaller size, Pomeranians lose teeth earlier than larger breeds. 

Adult Pomeranian will have 42 teeth. And 20 of them are in the top jaw and 22 of them are in the bottom jaw. Moreover, puppy teeth are replaced by adult canine teeth. These include the molars around four months old; however, this can vary from puppy to puppy.

Check out the chart for the dental health of the Pomeranian to find out how the 42 teeth are placed.

Losing Teeth in Older Pomeranians 

Since Pomeranians are a smaller dog breed with rapid growth, it’s common to see falling teeth in some of the older dogs. However, if you’re seeing more than 2 teeth fall within a few days, it can be a sign of a big problem. 

This can happen because of two reasons. 

  1. Dental trauma
  2. Periodontal illness

In such cases, you need to meet your vet as soon as possible. 

adult Pomeranian teeth

Types of Pomeranian Teeth.


Scraping is accomplished by using incisors due to their shape, which allows them to grind flesh from bones. The teeth are located in front of the Pomeranian’s mouth.


Canine is used to break food into pieces such as meat. These teeth, which are frontal ones which are the longest.


Pomeranians use their premolars in order to chew their foods and break them up. Premolars will soon be followed by canines.


Molar is used to break down any hard meals your Pomeranian has to chew. The teeth are in the rear of the mouth of a Pomeranian.

Dental Table For Pomeranians

Dental Table for Pomeranian Puppies

Type of ToothAge (weeks)Upper JawLower Jaw
Dental Table for Pomeranian Puppies

Dental Table for Adult Pomeranians

Type of ToothAge (months)Upper JawLower Jaw
Dental Table for Adult Pomeranian

How to Take Care of Pomeranian Teeth?

Brush Your Pomeraninss’ Teeth

Make sure you brush your teeth with the special toothbrush designed for Pomeranians. Since Pomeranians are smaller in size, it’s not recommended to use normal human toothbrushes. Because those are not designed for their mouth and can hurt them.

Human toothpaste also shouldn’t be given to Pomeranians. Fluoride poisoning has been a problem for them. There are a few kinds of toothpaste that are specially designed for puppies that are completely safe. 

Moreover, there is puppy toothpaste with meat flavors such as chicken and beef. If you’re Pom is resisting brushing teeth, they will probably like flavored toothpaste. 

Dental Chews and Treats

a Pomeranian having a dental chew

Toys that chew can be great for teething Pomeranian. The dental treats are delicious for your Pom. Furthermore, they’re filled with minerals and vitamins. Therefore, the Pomeranian is expected to absorb essential nutrients when eating.


If it’s not an injury, it’s normal to fall one tooth and you don’t need to worry much about it. However, if a tooth breaks due to an accident, take the piece of the broken tooth with your Pomeranian to your vet immediately. If it’s not too late, they can fix the broken teeth. 

Giving good dental chews and treats at an early age can avoid dental problems in the future. 

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