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Royal Canin Pomeranian Pouches and Kibbles Food Review


by James Bennett


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Looking for a good quality, delicious and nutritious meal for your Pomeranian? Royal Canin Pomeranian foods are one of the best options available in the market. In my personal experience, the product quality is better, and I never had a complaint about it.

Not all dog food is suitable for Pomeranians, because of its small size and different nutrition requirements.

For me, I can’t afford Royal Canin food for my three Pomeranians as the sole food source. Therefore, I’m usually giving it to them when they have eating issues.

Pomeranian and Royal Canin

Types of Products

There are two types of Royal Canin Food products for Pomeranians.

  1. Pouches
  2. Kibbles

Pouches are a meal with balanced nutrition between dry and wet foods. And the nature of moisture is good for keeping a good hydration.

The best part was my Pomeranians love Royal Canin Pouches and they’re happy when eating. One of my Pomeranians is picky and doesn’t eat much in general. But when she smells Royal Canin Pouches, she always wants more.

Kibbles on the other hand are dry foods. And there is nothing special compared to pouches, but still one the best dry food in the market.


Composition of Royal Canin for Pomeranian

Pros of Royal Canin for Pomeranian

Royal Canin recipe provides complete & balanced nutrition for the maintenance of adult dogs.

Even we usually consider Royal Canin as a food, it’s a dry and wet mixture. So, the dry nature is good for their teeth. And the moisture content is helpful to keep them dehydrated.

Royal Canin for Pomeranians is specially made for Pomeranians considering their nutrition requirements and the ease of eating.

Kibbles come in a size and shape which make it easier for your Pomeranian to eat.

Cons of Royal Canin for Pomeranian

The biggest downside about Royal Canin food is it’s out of stock from time to time. And this is maybe because it’s specially made for Pomeranians.

I’ve never seen someone complain about the product quality, but the pricing. Because pouches are quite more expensive than other wet food products.

In 2022, Royal Canin has doubled its product prices which makes it less affordable to most people.


In fact, I only recommend you Royal Canin food for your Pomeranian, if you can really afford them. And I think that it’s also a great way to treat when they have eating issues. And it’s better if you can buy a few 12X packs and store them because it’s usually going out of stock.

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